am Thomas. At least for now. For a year, to be precise. I did not choose this name, it was given to me. By whatever intelligence you decide to give credit to, god, the universe, or maybe it was me all along. It makes no discernible difference.  I am a writer, illustrator, magician, foremost a human being. And what more can we strive to be, than a sincere human being? For in us exists the whole of creation. We are the eyes that give colour to the cosmos. The ears that hear the verb of creation, that first A that births galaxies into existence. For in sincerity lies the door that leads within. And only on that inward path can we begin to truly understand what awaits outside of us. And join together all the pieces that already scream at us. That we are. A perfect microcosm. And therefore: the whole universe an extension of ourselves. 




                                                                       With this webpage I want to combine the whole of my interests: Literature, Art and                                                                                 Magick. You, my dear readers, can expect short stories, drawings and of course essays                                                                             about the occult, rubrics of rituals and many other magical things.


                                                                       This page, just as Magick itself, will be very personal. I advise you thus to keep an open                                                                           mind and not to take everything i write too seriously. I am not perfect, i do not have a                                                                             monopoly on truth and am but a student of Magick that took his first steps. And with an                                                                         old lantern  in hand i try to iluminate the path that leads to Gold. 



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